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about us

'Pennies for Pencils' started more than 20 years ago as an individual initiative of Ms. Fasiha Jaffery, who now leads a group of highly motivated volunteers. Ms. Jaffrey was inspired by her mother as she always valued education and knew its importance in a good life, and helped educate poor children based on humanitarian values with no personal benefit to herself.

Pennies are symbolic of small change (coins) that people do not give much value to, but mean a lot when collected; Pencils are symbolic of tools of learning given to children and women without educational resources.

‘Pennies for Pencils’ greatly believes in the power of human mind and the personal initiative of aspiring souls. Hence, our volunteers/team members take the lead towards social and mental development without forcing beneficiaries into any specific school.

Our beneficiaries value our donation and use it to learn reading and writing. We follow-up on their achievements and offer them any reasonable support or guidance that they may need during their learning process. 

We believe in human ability, care for others, honesty and simplicity in our work, and in social responsibility towards our fellow human beings by helping them in any small or big way.